Customer Pictures

Billboard of customer pictures.

Now that’s cool
Double the fun !
Neighbors helping neighbors.
This piece was designed, crafted, and donated to our Vail Thrift store! Thank you for all you do.
Rock on
bow WOWBowie !
Awe, how cute.
Mini ocotillo customer painted red? Looks good…
Now that’s creative! Very cool.
Wow, looks great! That is Majestic…
A mini Saguaro in the mid-west…? Perfect.
Perfect mailbox in the desert winter sun! Wow!
8.5ft Saguaro. Wow! That is Majestic. Super cool.
6ft perfect Christmas ‘tree’. Very nice.
6′ Ocotillo in an office setting
6′ Saguaro in a front office
Super cute mini saguaro with Christmas lights
Let it snow
Majestic MailBox – Wow that is stunning!
Mini Ocotillo in a colored pot. Super cute.
Cute little desert scene on top shelf.
Talk of the neighborhood ! Super cool.
Birds cant get enough…